$5.75 $3.25

    NEW!  ARIZONA DESERT IRONWOOD: dimensional boards for Resawing, Flooring, Table Tops, Furniture and Crafts.  

    Photos includes a herringbone top being made from our 1/4" x 2.5" x 11"  BEST VALUE FOR SURFACE AREA 

    So translucent!  Watch this wood shimmer and glow like no other hardwood on the market!  

    Sold by the boards.  95% defect free.  Longer boards available at your request up to 15".  

    Order as many boards as you like.  We will optimize shipping for large orders when possible to save you cash.  

    Ask Robert about custom table tops or large finished Panels up to 4' x 8' or custom lumber 16" to 40" long at (520)-484-4939 or email: robert@arizonaironwood.com