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Best Value Ironwood Knife Block Sale 2020

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Welcome to Arizona Ironwood Country!  Our website is loaded with some of the rarest and most beautiful woods from around the world.   See our lineup at All Species or SHOP to see all our unique products  We work hard to bring you these high quality products and hope they bring great satisfaction in your life.  All our woods are sourced legally, and with great consideration to a sustainable global environment.  

Some of our best value stock items

Ask about our wholesale ironwood discounts for volume/Pallet orders: dimensional, chunks, logs or custom sizes.  We maintain a supply of Ironwood blanks in sizes depict in the photo above.  Rough cut Ironwood burl can also be purchased in a mixed figure wholesale package. Contact Robert for more details: 520-484-4939

Pics of The Top 1% burl figure quality coming through our shop!