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A Little More About Us.                                 

We are a family owned and operated business serving the custom knife and woodcraft industry.  At Arizona Ironwood it’s all about quality products, good service, and fast shipping.  Our primary wood source is Desert Ironwood: obtained legally within the Sonora Desert.  To learn more about Desert Ironwood as a PROTECTED SPECIES and FEDERAL LAWS and PERMITS, scroll down to the bottom of this page.  Our pricing is always fair, and many agree we offer the best deals and highest quality ironwood anywhere.   We put the same effort into all our other wood and material products.  We welcome CUSTOMERS to visit our shop, however, please make an appointment to insure we are available.  Contact us anytime with questions, wholesale Ironwood or custom size quotes.

The founder and President, Robert Bradley, has been milling exotic woods since 1988. He began his career at Desert Hardwood Industries in Vail, AZ, while completing his Bachelors degree at the University of Arizona and Masters Degree at Thunderbird, School of Global Management '03 Graduate, where he is sworn to a T-Bird oath of honor. Robert worked as a chemical engineer for MARS Technologies and has experience with various stabilizing methods.  He spares no expense on the best known stabilizing process available.  We have earned the reputation of being a go-to source for the best Ironwood burl and stabilized woods online.  



Hello y'all.  I want to thank you for your business and support.  I've made this business my life for many years and now almost 60 years I'm going semi retired to enjoy life while I'm healthy.  I'll be a seasonal worker for a while, and during this time I decided to start offering ironwood in bulk until I find a few steady customers.  At some point I may close my retail store and just sell wholesale via the 600 lb pallet order, which I expect will last for another 5 years.  I'll offer my support on the best way to process the ironwood, and even start a business and sell it if you need any tips.  I've cut the price by more than half its base retail value, and ironwood is only growing in demand and popularity.   Again, I thank you for your trust and business over the last 20 some years.  If you have questions about becoming a bulk buyer feel free to reach out to me anytime.    Thank you!  

email: Robert@arizonaironwood.com